Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Baby Found a Bird

One sunny evening after arriving home from work, I was met by my 8 yr. old. He said' "Guess
what Mommy? I found a baby bird abandoned by it's mother in the back yard under the tree."
My reaction? "Put that germy bird back outside. He's probably diseased and isn't going to live
long!" Little did I know that my baby had put the bird in a hamster cage, collected some worms
from the back yard, and had already fed the bird. Before going to bed my son comes into my room crying because he can't keep the bird. He tells me that he's going to put the bird outside. I
told him it was too late and to go ahead and do it in the morning. The next morning he feeds the
bird before leaving for school. When he comes home, he and his brother take the bird outside
on a twig and put it in the grass. What do you think happened? The bird ran back and forth
a couple times and then flew off. Surprisingly, he wasn't a dying, diseased, abandoned bird. Wow! That made me feel better. My son helped me to see the value of caring about animals
and appreciating their lives. Will I get any pets? I seriously doubt that. However, I will consider his lovefor animals. I shouldn't be so heartless.